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Transform your garden, lounge or tiki bar into a tropical paradise with a hand carved Trader Tark Tiki.

Relax with  a rum cocktail and imagine  yourself marooned on a distant  beach.


​Tiki Carvings from the sunny shores of Peacehaven near Brighton - East Sussex UK - made to order, or there are generally a few ready to go. 


Carved in locally sourced, sustainable Cedar or Oak, most un-sawn wood is supplied locally by Copford Sawmill Near Waldron in East Sussex. These guys have pretty much helped for the last 10 years of my carving journey. My favorite is Cedar, a soft wood which has very good natural preservative properties. It also smells great ! 

Copford sawmill acquire their wood from locally managed Estates in the uk. I can sometimes tell you where your carving once stood. You can check them out here:

​Once a round is selected, I have it cut to manageable sizes for transport to my workshop on the south coast. 

I like to begin initial  chainsaw carving  as soon as possible while the wood is still wet. It will  be a few weeks until the sanding and finer detailing is applied after which I let the piece stand for some time allowing natural movement  and cracking to take place within the wood.  The final process involves treatment, colouration and or protection of the carving using various oils and stains. I like to distress my work in order to give it an ancient  look. I generally dye it then coat with Danish oil.


My Tikis can be very heavy and will stand the test of time, although being a natural product, some cracking may carry on appearing dependent of the temperatures where they are being displayed. This however is inevitable and adds to the character and beauty. Regular treatment will ensure  that it will  last for years. I will always offer advice on future care of your Tiki. 


I take my inspiration from original Polynesian carvings, but lean more towards pop-art versions maybe found in the '50's or '60 Californian tiki bars

Apart from the traditional free standing tiki heads and poles I also make hanging framed wall art . Inspired by Mid century decor with a definite nod to Witco, The well known purveyor of chainsaw carved, Scorched Cedar from the 1960/70's


This website serves as a gallery of past work, and examples of my style. 

Larger Tiki prices start around £150 depend on size and complexity. 

Wall art from £45. 


Delivery is possible in and around the Sussex area.




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